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The purposes of this website are to provide a central place to collect research regarding our families and to further the research into our family lines. We're working to develop an extensive digital library of data and documents, and our database of lineages has well over 4,500 people in it so far - connecting together whenever common ancestors occur.

Common surnames are Alexander, Basham, Bigham, Brigham, Cameron, Chastain, Cloud, Colgan, Frame, Gibson, Guerin, Hack, Hayes, Hudnall, Leavenworth, Lee, MacDonell, Main, Miller, Mulkey, Price, Putnam, Ramage, Rice, Sharer, Southwick, Taylor, White and Young.

Steve's ancestors are mainly Scottish, but he also has a fair amount of English heritage, along with a bit of French and Irish. Many were part of the Highland Clearances who crossed to Canada and then migrated west and eventually ended up in Oregon.

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  • The majority of Molly's ancestors are Welsh and Irish. Like Steve's family, many of her ancestors arrived in America during the colonial period, and some fought in the American Revolution (on both sides).

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