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1401 WWI - Elbert served in a Machine Gun Company with the 103'd Infantry Regiment of the American Expeditionary Forces in France during WW1. In a letter dated Aug 5, 1918 from a field hospital, Elbert wrote that "Somewhere in France" during a machine gun charge into the lines: "......going out into that storm of flying iron with a heavy tripod in one hand and a case of ammunition in the other", while "wiggling thru the wheat, I got a bullet thru my little finger". Later in November, he was hospitalized again, this time in a "gas hospital" in Vichy, France after "a gas shell burst a few yards from me". He related: "The next morning I became acutely sick at my stomach and my eyes began to smart.....and hurt so I could hardly keep them open". "I never had such agony before" With his eyes swollen shut, he experienced the further effects of the gas - "my throat and lungs, which feel burnt. It's like a bery bad cold. Eyes run, nose run, sort throat, awful cough, etc. etc" Elbert received a small military disability check for the remainder of his life due to the negative effects of that noxious gas.

Source: The Dalton Family 23 Sep 2011 
Rice, Elbert Floyd Sr (I3743)
1402 Your mother, Sophia Cameron was the youngest as well as the handsomest of my grandfather's (Alex) family. She was tall and slender with beautiful rosy cheeks. Your father was a highly educated man. They were married in E. Nissouri. - written by Robert Cameron II to his cousin Jane (Withers) Douglas Cameron, Sophia (I1017)
1403 [ ]

Letter written by Bob Lee on 9/5/2002 states that Virginia Lee was married on August 9, 1940 
Family F673
1404 [ ]

Samuel & Isabella were probably married in Versaille Co, KY & had 10 children. The 1810 Woodford Co, KY census lists: Samuel Evans, 376, Males - 2 under 10, I 26-45; Females 2 under 10, I 26-45.

The IGI lists a marriage between a Samuel Evans & Isabella Howe on Spet 18, 1804 in Fleming, Kentucky. This is batch # 6934238 (87) & input source # 538164.

Source: Marriages of Flemming Co., KY 976.956 V.25b - Elbie Evans, 176 E 600 So., St. George, UT 84770. 
Family F601
1405 [ ]

Thomas married Nancy Donaldson on Jan 1, 1830 in Lafayette County, MO. The marriage was performed by Rev. Hugh R. Smith and witnessed and consented to by Nancy's mother.

This is recorded in Bk B, Pg 3 of the county records. and in "MO Marriages to 1850" R 929.3 BRO 
Family F612
1406 [ ]

[ ]

Married by Judge Hubbard 
Family F584

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