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51 1819 Mar 1- Wilkes Co., NC: State of North Carolina Wilkes County Superior Court of Law March Term 1819 - The Justices for the State upon their oath present that on the first day of March 1819 there was a state warrant issued by John Sinclair & John Finley two of the acting Justices of the Peace for the County of Wilkes against one WILLIAM STANLY of the same County charging him with having begotten a Bastard Child in the county of Wilkes upon the body of ELIZABETH HAYS, single woman which said warrant, was directed to any Lawful officer to execute and return agreeable to Law which said warrant afteward on the same day and year aforesaid and in the County aforesaid Came into the hands of ENOS ANDERSON, who was then and there an acting Constable, in and for the county aforesaid, wihich said warrant Commanded the said Enos Anderson Constable to arrest the body of the said WILLIAM STANLY and in his custody Safety to keep the said WILLIAM STANLY and to bring him the said WILLIAM before some Justices of said County to be delt with in that Ease as the Law may direct and that the said Enos Anderson afterwards to wit: on the same day and year aforesaid in the County aforesaid by virtue and in person swear of the warrant aforesaid and arrest and take into his custody, as Constable the Body of the Said WILLIAM STANLY and that he the said Enos Anderson, not regarding his dulty as Constable aforesad, to wit, on the same day and year aforesaid in the County aforesaid, he the said WILLIAM STANLY voluntarily did suffer to escape go at large wheresoever he would contrary to the Statute in that Case made and provided & against the Peace and Dignity of the State.
I am a descendent of Elizabeth Hayes b. 1794. One of her two sons by William Stanley was Richmond Hayes, my gg grandfather. Child kept mother's maiden name Hayes. Richmond's son Theodore Noble Hayes was my great grandfather and his daughter, Blanche Hayes was my grandmother. Do you have any information on Richmond's death? His wife Elsie was buried in Kirkville, Iowa and I have a photo of her headstone. Nothing at all on Richmond. it is a mystery. Have researched this for years. Your site is wonderful. Thank You.

John Mohler email on 10-30-2011 
Hayes, Elizabeth (I3199)
52 1820 Census, Lick Township, Jackson County, Ohio Solomon between 26 - 45 years of age
Susannah is between 16 - 26
3 males under 5
1 male 10 - 16

Most of the children of Philip Main stayed in and around the Beaver County, Pennsylvania area, but his son Solomon migrated to Ohio, then went on to Pike County, Illinois where he resided until his death. Several years later, Daniel, the son of Philip's son Nicholas, also migrated to Illinois. Some of his descendents are still living there. 
Main, Soloman (I615)
53 1841 Census of Bourn is listed as 9 years old
1851 census for Bourn, Cambridgeshire, England has Stephen still at home with family his age is 19

1870 Census lists Stephen Curtis in York of DuPage County Illinois, age 37. With his wife Charlotte (age 27), Mary (age 11), Genette(age 7), Harriet (age 5) and Thomas Curtis (age 62)

1900 Oregon Census, Stephen Curtis is not listed

Source: GIb Ramage's letter - "You asked for family History" Another memory of the Curtis side of the family was great-uncle Steve. I remember attending his 100th birthday party when I was probably 6 or 7 years old. He lived on about first street in the south end of Woodburn. It was his life's ambition to live 100 years, and when he accomplished it gave up and died shortly thereafter. He smoked cigars and smoked them down till they burned his lips. When J.J. Hall was getting ready to take his picture at his birthday party, they made him throw away his cigar butt that was about an inch-and-a-quarter long. After the picture taking session, Herman DeLaugh stuck a toothpick through the butt and gave it back to him with the hope that he might get another puff or two out of it.

Obituary - From Woodburn Independent: Second week in February 1927 Woodburn Centenarian, S. C. Curtis passes away

That grand old man, Stephen C. Curtis, after reaching the age of 100 years, 3 months and 23 days passed away at his home on Settlemier Avenue last Thursday, Feb 3, 1927 at 2:30 p.m. not having recovered from a stroke of paralysis suffered by him in January. On October 11th last, his 100th birthday, relatives and friends celebrated at his home and hugely enjoyed the event. A few evenings later he was the guest of honor of the Woodburn Community Club.

Mr. Curtis was born in Cambridgeshire, England, October 11, 1826, son of Thomas and Ann Curtis, the former dying in Missouri when 94 years of age. Stephen came alone to the Untied States when 16 years old or 1842, located in Rochester, where he lived a year, and moved Arch Corners, N.Y. There he got fever and ague and went to Niagara falls for a week, recovered from his trouble and returned to Arch Corners, from where he moved to London, Canada, and chopped cordwood. From there he moved to Kincarden, Canada, on Lake Huron, and there, when 30 years old married Charlotte Ireland, aged 16. From there they moved to Illinois, where he worked out on farms sheering sheep and other occupations, receiving a wage of $9 a month and meals. This increased to $16. While in Illinois his wife died and he married, on Sept 22, 1891, Mary Merriman, at La Grange, Ill., who passed away in Portland eleven years ago. While in Illinois he made money fixing up buildings in Chicago and selling at a profit on seven ventures of this character. He came to America just before Lincolns first election and voted for Lincoln for President for the first and second time. He has always been a republican.

The patriarch lived with a sister, Mrs. H. C. Ramage, who will be 84 years of age next May. He had four children by his first marriage, all of whom are residing in Illinois: Mrs. Westfall, John Harlan Ramage Curtis, Mrs. Cowles, Mrs. Cook, also a large number of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews. A devoted step daughter, Mrs. Myrtle MacIntyre of Los Angeles, cared for him for many years. Mrs. Ramage and children are his surviving relatives here.

In Oregon Mr. Curtis farmed for two years, but ceased that pursuit when he fell and sustained the fracture of an arm and moved to Woodburn.

He untied with the M. E. Church while a young man. Mr. Curtis was a great lover of nature and of outdoor life. At the age of 80 he climbed Mt. Hood. He was temperate and methodical in his habits and it was his testimony that life had treated him well and that he got all the good out of life that he expected. He beloved by all that new him and a loveable grand old man.

The funeral services were held at 2:00 p.m. at the E. N. Hall Chapel, which was packed with people, some being unable to gain entrance. A very fine sermon was preached by Rev. John T. Meyers of the Church of God. Music was by the Bethel Choir, Miss Mamie Hughes, Mrs. A. Larson, Oscar Larson and Bascom Hughes, Mrs. Larson at the organ. Interment was at Belle Passe Cemetery. The pall bearers were Mayor W. H. Broyles, Fred Hall, W. J. Wilson, J. R. Landon, Warren Haskins, and C. L. Ogle. 
Curtis, Stephen C (I3315)
54 1841 Census, Cambridgeshire England lists Thomas as 35
Name: Thomas Curtis
Age: 35
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1806
Gender: Male
Where born: Cambridgeshire, England
Civil parish: Bourn
Hundred: Longstow
County/Island: Cambridgeshire
Country: England

Registration district: Caxton
Sub-registration district: Caxton

Piece: 68
Book: 1
Folio: 10
Page Number: 15
Household Members:
Name Age
Thomas Curtis 35
Ann Curtis 35
Stephen Curtis 9
Ellis Curtis 5
Elizabeth Curtis 3
John Curtis 2 Mo

1851 Census, Cambridgeshire England lists Thomas as 46
Name: Thomas Curtis
Age: 46
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1805
Relation: Head
Spouse's Name: Ann Curtis
Gender: M (Male)
Where born: St Eversden, Cambridgeshire, England
Civil parish: Bourn
County/Island: Cambridgeshire
Country: England

Registration district: Caxton
Sub-registration district: Caxton
ED, institution, or vessel: 12b

Household schedule number: 31
Piece: 1758
Folio: 249
Page Number: 9
Household Members:
Name Age
Thomas Curtis 46
Ann Curtis 45
Stephen Curtis 19
Eliss Curtis 17
Elizabeth Curtis 13
John Curtis 10
Harriet Curtis 7

1861 Census, Cambridgeshire England
Name: Thomas Curtis
Age: 55
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1806
Relation: Head
Spouse's Name: Ann Curtis
Gender: Male
Where born: Everdon, Cambridgeshire, England
Civil parish: Bourn
County/Island: Cambridgeshire
Country: England

Registration district: Caxton
Sub-registration district: Caxton
ED, institution, or vessel: 3
Neighbors: View others on page
Household schedule number: 78
Piece: 1016
Folio: 34
Page Number: 15
Household Members:
Name Age
Thomas Curtis 55
Ann Curtis 55
John Curtis 20
Elizabeth Curtis 22
Mary Ann Curtis 4
William Clark 13
William Hull 22

1869 Thomas Curtis(age 55) & Harriet Curtis(age 24) traveled in steerage on the Steam ship - SS Iowa (of Transatlantic Steam Packet Ships) from Glasgow to NewYork arriving on April 28, 1869. Source: Ship Lists Roll 309 22 April - 5 May 1869 NyNy

1870 Census for DuPage County states that he is 62 at the time of the census and living with Stephen Curtis' Family

1885 Havana, Steele Minnesota Census, Thomas Curtis 82 years old born in England

Stephen Curtis' Obituary states his father(Thomas Curtis) died in Missouri at the age of 94 
Curtis, Thomas (I3312)
55 1850 , Jul 22, 1850 Census Champion, Trumbull, Ohio
James Southwick 67 M Shoemaker, Mass
Lois Southwick 46 F New York
Allice J. Southwick 17 F Connecticut
ellen E. Southwick 14 F Mass
Henry H. Southwick 12 M Mass
Charles W. Southwick 10 M Mass
Mary B. Southwick 11 F Portage Co. Ohio
Alice Wolcott, SOuthwick 1 month Trumbull, Ohio 
Southwick, James (I3970)
56 1850 Census
Name: William Henry
Age: 56
Birth Year: abt 1794
Birthplace: France
Home in 1850: Prairie du Rocher, Randolph, Illinois
Gender: Male
Family Number: 1455
Household Members:
Name Age
William Henry 56
Mary Henry 43
Henry Henry 96
Josephine Henry 24
Angelique Henry 22
Juliette Henry 16
Jane Haleman 14
Royer Chamberville 14
Royer Becker 60
Bertha Becker 5 
Henrie, William (I4479)
57 1850 Census
Place: Township 6 S 2 W, Pike, Illinois

Name:Mathew Morton
Birth Year:abt 1822
Birthplace:North Carolina
Home in 1850:Township 6 S 2 W, Pike, Illinois
Family Number:1105
Household Members:
Mathew Morton28
Elisabeth Morton21
Henry Morton
Morton, Matthew (I572)
58 1850 Census for The Town of Lyndon, Cattaraugus Co. State of New York

Hezekiah Lockwood 35 M Farmer "
Caroline Lockwood 31 F "
Ruth Lockwood 9 F "
William Lockwood 8 M "
Amanda Lockwood 4 F "
Angenett Lockwood 5/12 F "
Amelia Lockwood 58 F "

1860 Census for Preston, Adams, Wisconsin
Hezikiah Lockwood 45 M Farmer New York
Caroline F Lockwood 41 F New York
William E Lockwood 18 M New York
Caroline Lockwood 10 F New York
Amanda R. Lockwood 13 F New York
Nelson E Lockwood 6 M New York 
Lockwood, Hezekiah (I3662)
59 1850 Census in Marion, Iowa
Name: Hartwell Hays
Age: 63
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1787
Birth Place: North Carolina
Gender: Male
Home in 1850(City,County,State): Marion, Iowa
Household Members: Name Age
Hartwell Hays 63
Hartwell Hays 19
James Hays 19
Nancy Hays 21
Rebecca Hays 61
William A Hays 12
Jammitte Wright 15

1856 Census in DesMoines, Jasper, Iowa
Name: Hartwell Hayes
Census Date: 1856
Residence County: Jasper
Residence State: Iowa
Locality: Des Moines
Birth Location: North Carolina
Family Number: 33
Marital Status: Married
Gender: Male
Birth Year: abt 1787
Line: 26
Roll: IA_57
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
Hartwell Hayes 69
Elizabeth Hayes 63
Hartwell HayesJunior 25
US Federal Census Mortality Schedules 1850-1880
Name: Hartwell Hays
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Widowed
Place of Birth: North Carolina
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1780
Age: 80
Month of Death: Dec
Cause of Death: Old Age
Place of Death:Summit, Marion, Iowa
Census Year: 1860
Hayes, Hartwell Henry Sr. (I3173)
60 1850 census of Bates County, Missouri. This shows Sarah Elizabeth living with husband, William Hudson, and children John R, Margaret, and Allen L. Bigham, Sarah Elizabeth (I2825)
61 1850 Census of The Town of Lyndon,
Cattaraugus Co.
State of New York

Edward Lockwood 28 M "
Louisiana Lockwood 28 F "
Armarett Lockwood 6 F "
Stephen Case 26 M "
Elizabeth Parmer 63 F  
Lockwood, Edward (I361)
62 1850 Census Sand Creek, Bartholomew, Indiana
Isaac Hamner10
James Hamner3
Jessee Hamner6
Jessee Hamner52
Leonard G Hamner18
Nancy Hamner30
Rebecca Hamner10
Sarah Hamner8
William T Hamner
Hamner, Leonard Green (I215)
63 1850 Census South Fork, Jackson, Iowa
Name Age
Jessee Bagley 32
Clarissa Bagley 37
Murray Bagley 8
Harry Bagley 5
Orison Bagley 4
Laura Bagley 3
John Bagley 11 months old in Oct 1850

1852 Census South Fork, Jackson Iowa
7 males, 3 females, 2 voters, 2 militia

1860 Census Pleasant Grove, Olmstead, Minnesota
Name Age
Jessey Bagley 40 Canada
Clara Bagley 48
Murry Bagley 18 Canada
Harvy Bagley 16 Iowa
Arson Bagley 14 Iowa
Laura Bagley 12 Iowa
Heman Bagley 10 Iowa
Laura Bagley 8 Iowa
Jessee Bagley 5 Minn
Curlota Bagley 2 Minn
Rebecca Bryen 16
Margrett Bagley 13 Iowa
David Bagley 54

1865 Census Pleasant Grove, Olmstead, Minnesota
Jesse Bagley
Jane Bagley
Murray Bagley
Harvey Bagley
Orson Bagley
Lucy Bagley
Herman Bagley
Jesse Bagley
Laura Bagley
Carlotta Bagley
Lucius Bagley

1870 Census Pleasant Grove, Olmstead, Minnesota
Name Age
Jessee Bagley 50 Male born in Canada
Jane Bagley 29 Female Born in Vermont
Jessie Bagley 14 Female Born in Minnesota
Carlotta Bagley 12 Female Born in Minnesota
Lucius Bagley 7 Female Born in Minnesota
Lyman Bagley 3Male Born in Minnesota

1880 Pleasant Grove, Olmstead, Minnesota also living with Harvey in Marshall Minnesota
Jesse Bagley 62 Canada canada Canada
Jane Bagley 35 Vermont Vermont Vermont

1885 Census Minneapolis, Hennepin Minnesota
J Bagley 69 Canada
J Bagley 45 Vermont
L Bagley 23 Minnesota 
Bagley, Jessey (I3922)
64 1850 Census states her name as Catherine
1880 Census for Elbert Rice states mother is from South Carolina 
Baldridge, Catherine "Catsy" (I3583)
65 1852 Lansdowne Twp, Leeds County, Canada W (Ontario)
William Booth age 18 Labourer Born in Canada W, Religion: E. Meth Male single
1860 July 5th Census Ripon, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Name:Wm R Booth
Age in 1860:26
Birth Year:abt 1834
Birthplace:Canada W
Home in 1860:Ripon, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Post Office:Ripon
Value of real estate:View image
Household Members:
Wm R Booth26
Nancy Booth26
Emma E Booth4
Harriet A Booth2
Ida V Booth10/12

1870 Census Almira, Olmsted, Minnesota
William Booth 36 farmer Canada W.
Nancy Booth 35 keeping house Canada W.
Emma Booth 14 at school Michigan
Harriet Booth 12 at school Iowa
Ida F Booth 10 at school Iowa
Lillie Booth 8 at school Wisconsin
Nepolion Booth 5 at schoolMinnesota
1875, May 1 Census Dover, Olmsted, Minnesota
Booth, William 41 Canada canada canada
Booth, Nancy 39 Canada canada canada
Booth, Emma 19 Michigan Canada Canada
Booth, Harriet 17 Iowa Canada Canada
Booth, Ida V. 15 Iowa Canada Canada
Booth, Lillie 14 Minnesota Canada Canada
Booth, Elmer 9 Minnesota Canada Canada

Note: there is a little girl in the William Robbins Family on the same page of the census, her name is Tyre H. Booth age 4 born in Minnesota both parents are from Canada
1880 Census for Elmira, Olmsted, Minnesota
William R. Booth 45 Farmer
Nancy Booth 43
Ida V. Booth 20
Lillie Booth 18
Tira Booth 9
Elmer N. Booth 15
Note: Tira is noted as a duaghter in this census
1885 May 1, Census for Elmira, Olmsted, Minnesota
William Booth 52 Canada
Nancy Booth 49 Canada
Elmer Booth 19
Tira Booth 14
Fred Booth 19

1895 Census for Elmira, Olmsted, Minnesota
William Booth 62 Canada Farmeer Parents of foriegn decent
Nancy Booth 55 Canada Parents of foriegn decent
1900 Census for Elmira, Olmsted, Minnesota
both willam & Nancy imegrated in 1860

1910 Census Salem, Roanoak, Virginia?????
Married 41 years 
Booth, William R. (I3467)
66 1860 Census in Elk Creek, Jasper, Iowa
Name: Elizabeth Hayes
Age in 1860: 69
Birth Year: abt 1791
Birthplace: North Carolina
Home in 1860: Elk Creek, Jasper, Iowa
Gender: Female
Post Office: Galesburg
Value of real estate: View Image
Household Members: Name Age
Wm G Romans 44
Arbury D Romans 20
Martha E Romans 16
Emily A Romans 8
James M Romans 4
Wm W Romans 8.12
Elizabeth Hayes 69 
Unknown, Elizabeth (I3856)
67 1860 Census Newark, Licking, Ohio
Name: Henry R Richards
Age in 1860: 60
Birth Year: abt 1800
Birthplace: Virginia
Home in 1860: Newark, Licking, Ohio
Gender: Male
Post Office: Newark

Household Members:
Name Age
Henry R Richards 60
Mary A Richards 52
Franklin Richards 21
Victoria Richards 16 
Richards, Henry R. (I3572)
68 1860 Census Preston, Adams Co. Wisconsin
Randolph Lockwood 42 M Farmer born in New York
Mary Lockwood 46 F born in New York
Sias A Lockwood 17 F New York
Sarah E Lockwood 15 F New York
Solomon Lockwood 13 M New York
Angelino Lockwood 7 M New York
evaline R Young 3 F New York 
Lockwood, Randolph (I348)
69 1860 Census states he is a carpenter
1880 Census Fontana, Miami, Kansas he is a farmer

Andrew Patrick46
G. A. Patrick47
Wm. Patrick21
James R. Patrick19
A. H. Patrick15
B. O. Patrick12
Chester N. Patrick10
Clide S. Patrick7
Lula Patrick6
May Bishof19 
Patrick, Andrew (I3421)
70 1861 Census Buckden England
Name: Harriett Curtis
Age: 16
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1845
Relation: Servant
Gender: Female
Where born: Bourn, Cambridgeshire, England
Civil parish: Buckden
County/Island: Huntingdonshire
Country: England

Registration district: St Neots
Sub-registration district: St Neots
ED, institution, or vessel: 9

Household schedule number: 43
Piece: 981
Folio: 141
Page Number: 7
Household Members:
Name Age
John Farrington 58
Mary Ann Farrington 63
Louisa Farrington 19
Henry Cawte 17
Harriett Curtis 16

1869 Thomas Curtis(age 55) & Harriet Curtis(age 24) traveled in steerage on the Steam ship - SS Iowa (of Transatlantic Steam Packet Ships) from Glasgow to NewYork arriving on April 28, 1869. Source: Ship Lists Roll 309 22 April - 5 May 1869 NyNy

1920 Census, Roll T625_1500, page7A, Ed 86, image 1062

Gertrude Ramage's 1966 Calander states that Harriet died on June 4, 1928

Obituary from the Woodburn Independent June 7, 1928 Mrs. Harriett Ramage Dies

Mrs. Harriett C. Ramage died of the home of her daughter, Mrs. H. I. Jones, North Second Street yesterday morning, June 6th 1928 at 9:30 after a long illness, aged 84 years and one week. With her going there passed away a most noble woman, one of very lovable character, a mother devoted to her late husband and fond of her children, grandchildren and great grand children. She easily made friends and was endeared to all, many of whom remembered her when on her bed of sickness. The children were all with her the last ten days of her life and she told them: "I am having my flowers when I am here from those who come, and those who cannot come send them to me."

Mrs. Ramage was born at Cambridgeshier [sic], England, May 30, 1844. She had five brothers and one sister. Her father and she started from Thames, London for Glascow [sic], Scotland, in April 1869, and from there sailed for the United States. They had a pleasant trip until they reached Newfoundland and there they encountered a big storm. They were on the water three weeks. They landed at New York from there they went to Chicago. Arriving May 2, 1869, her sister and brother-in-law meeting them there. She married John Ramage at Wheaton, Ill., January 1, 1870 at the age of 26 years. They lived at Wheaton until 1873, then moved to Medford, Minn. They moved to White, Brookings County, South Dakota, in 1888 and in 1891 came to Oregon and lived at Lewisville for one year then lived south of Salem for a year, and from there moved to a place 3 miles east of Woodburn.

Surviving Mrs. Ramage are nine children, 26 grand children and 11 great grand children. The children are: Mrs. G. H. Colgan, Salem; D. A. Ramage, Yakima, Wash.; Mrs. S. E. Fletcher, Portland; W. J. Ramage, Woodburn; Mrs. J. R. Davis, Turner; Mrs. H. I. Jones, Woodburn; Mrs. J. C. Pinckney, Oregon City; John W. Ramage, Woodburn; E. P. Ramage, Dufur, Or.

Funeral services will be held at the congregational church, Hubbard, Friday, 2:00 p.m. Rev. John T Meyers of Woodburn officiating and music by the Bethel choir. Interment will be beside the grave of her husband in Hubbard Cemetery. 
Curtis, Harriet (I3336)
71 1866 April 3 Enlisted in US Army in St S..... Missouri at age 19, deserted Oct 11, 1866

Avenue City: Jefferson Twp., Andrew Co., Missouri April 5 1880
Roger S. Lee age 34 Farmer born in Illinois, father ohio and mother New
Wife: Martha (Johnson) Lee age 29, born Missouri , father Missouri, mother
Kentucky (This could be daughter of the foster parent John Johnson)
Son: William age 8, born Missouri
Dau: Mary age 7 born Missouri
Son: John age 5 born Missouri 
Lee, Roger Samuel Sr (I4044)
72 1870 Census Troy Iowa June 1 1870

Name: R S Price
Age in 1870: 59
Birth Year: abt 1811
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1870: Troy, Iowa, Iowa
Race: White
Gender: Male
Post Office: Stellapolis
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age Born
R S Price 59 New York
Polly A Price 55 New York
Thomas Price 24 Ohio
Caroline Price 22 Ohio
Charles Price 20 Ohio
Ophelia Price 18 Illinois
Mary Price 15 Illinois
David Price 12 Illinois
Elizabeth Price 11 Illinois
Price, Roswell Sage (I3492)
73 1870 Census for Jacksonville Ward 3 MOrgan, Illinois
William Richards35
Mary Richards30
Georgia Richards10
Harry Richards8
Margaret Johnson59 
Richards, William Spencer (I3569)
74 1870 Census for York, DuPage, Illinois on July 7, 1870

John Ireland is listed as head of Household at age 26 Farmer, born in Canada with the following people living with him: Annie E Ireland age 50 born in NewYork (note she is listed DuPage Downer Grove Cemetery as died 1893) James W Ramage age 3 born in Canada (note this child is listed DuPage Downer Grove Cemetery as died 1881) David Ramage age 73 born in Scotland 
Ireland, John R. (I1153)
75 1870 Census has Goerge H. Colgan and George M. Colgan living in Lemond Twp, Steele County, Minnesota
Death Certificate 611
My grandfather died before I was born, don't know what year. From the stories I have been told he was quite the joker. Source: Marilyn J (Colgan) Farrier 
Colgan, George Harrison (I1358)
76 1870 census in Lemond, Steele Co., Minnesota

Name Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Race Gender

John Colgan abt 1815 Ireland White Male
John H Colgan abt 1853 Massachusetts White Male
William A Colgan abt 1854 Massachusetts White Male
Robert P Colgan abt 1855 Massachusetts White Male
Ellen L Colgan abt 1857 Minnesota White Female
Josephine L Colgan abt 1860 Minnesota White Female
James A Colgan abt 1861 Minnesota White Male
Anna M Colgan abt 1864 Minnesota White Female
Edward R Colgan abt 1868 Minnesota White Male
George H Colgan abt 1869 Minnesota White Male  
Colgan, John (I2659)
77 1870 Census Newark Ward 1, Licking, Ohio
Name: Henry Richards
Age in 1870: 69
Birth Year: abt 1801
Birthplace: Virginia
Home in 1870: Newark Ward 1, Licking, Ohio
Race: White
Gender: Male
Post Office: Newark

Household Members:
Name Age
Henry Richards 69
Mary C Richards 61
Franklin Richards 31
Victoria Richards 24 
Richards, Henry R. (I3572)
78 1870 census: John Harlan Ramage Curtis is not with the Stephen Curtis Family.
1880 Census Stephen Curtis and John Curtis in chcago, Illinois

1920 Illinois Census(Cook County, District 1615 page 10 on the12th & 14 of January 1920) There is a John H Curtis listed who is 59. With a wife: Mary age 59. Right below them is a second family (possibly a son) Victor E. Curtis (Age 31) with wife Ellen (age 31), son Victor (age 5), and daughter Ellen (age 3) 
Curtis, John Harlan Ramage (I1176)
79 1875 Ohio Census states he is an Engineer

Possibly James Lawrence Hutchinson

Possibly John A Hutchinson

1860 Census Wellington, Lorain, Ohio
James Hutchinson45
Sarah Hutchinson33
Maria Hutchinson12
Dwight Hutchinson10
Clara Hutchinson6
Harrie Hutchinson4
Sarah McGraugh68

1885 Osage, Miami, Kansas Census March 1885
J. L. Hutchinson 72 Farmer
Sarah Hutchinson 60
Grace Hutchinson 18 Teacher 
Hutchinson, James Lawrence (I3423)
80 1880 Census has her 8 years old in Merton, Steele, MN

Year: 1880; Census Place: Merton, Steele, Minnesota; Roll: T9_635; Family History Film: 1254635; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 238; Image: 0004. 
Ramage, Clara A (I1165)
81 1880 Census has her as Lalla Mills, Laura Marie (I3488)
82 1880 census has her in Merton, Steele, Minnesota, it states that she was born in Wisconsin and her parents were both from Vermont Carlton, Alma (I1118)
83 1880 Census has him in Merton, Steele, Minnesota at age 6 Gibson, Ralph (I492)
84 1880 Census Newark, Licking, Ohio
Name: Mary E. Richards
Age: 72
Birth Year: abt 1808
Birthplace: Virginia
Home in 1880: Newark, Licking, Ohio
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Marital Status: Widowed
Father's Birthplace: Virginia
Mother's Birthplace: Virginia

Household Members:
Name Age
Mary E. Richards 72
Frank Richards 39
Victoria Richards 35 
Brison, Mary Evelina (I3573)
85 1880 census:
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Deloss YOUNG Self M Male W 40 MA Merchent MA MA
Ruth YOUNG Wife M Female W 40 NY Keeping House NY NY
William YOUNG Son S Male W 18 WI Teaching MA NY
Harvy YOUNG Son S Male W 8 MN NY MA
Mary PLOUGHMAN Other S Female W 18 WI GERM. GERM.

Source Information: Census Place Minnesota Lake, Faribault, Minnesota
Family History Library Film 1254618
NA Film Number T9-0618
Page Number 29A
Enumeration District: 53; Image: 0772.
1903 Census: Mankato, Blue Earth, Minnesota
Delos P Young , Ruth Young, Dora Young
1860 Census Preston, Adams, Wisconsin
Delos P Young 21 M Farmer born Mass.
Roxana R Young 20 F born New York Census
1885 Census Alton, Waseca, Massachusetts
Delos Young 46 M born in Mass
Roxana Young 46 F New York
Arthur Young 13 M Minn
Dolly Young 3 F Minn

D.P. Young was born in Massachusetts, May 11, 1838. In 1850 he went with the family to Erie COunty, N.Y., where he remained severeal years, and then removed to Dodge COunty, Wis. In 1864 he came to this county, and located in Freedom Township, among the first settlers in that part of Waseca COunty. He took up farm there, and followed the vocation of farmer until 1875, when he removed to Alma City, where in compnay with Fisher and Wilkinson, he built the flouring mill and ran it for about two years and then disposed of it. He then went into partnership with W.E. Lockwood, in the mercantile business and has followed that ever since. May 27, 1858 he was united in marriage with Ruth Lockwood, daughter of Hezekiah and Caoline Lockwood, who was born October 8, 1838. They have beeen the parents of two children: William, born in 1861, now an attorney of Mankato, who attended the law school at Iowa City, Iowa, and was admitted to the bar at Waseca when but 21 years of age. He is married to Nettie Shingler, and has one child, John Paul. The other son, Arthur Young, was born in 1871. Mr. Young's fatheer was a native of Massachusetts, and a carpenter by trade, but now dead; his mother, who is living with him, was born in Connecticut. Source History of Waseca County pg 685
Oregon Death Index, 1903-98
about Deloss Palmer Young
Young, Deloss Palmer County:Lane Death Date:3 Dec 1913 Certificate:4315
Birth: May 11, 1839
Massachusetts, USA
Death: Dec. 3, 1913
Lane County
Oregon, USA

Delos Palmer Young was born to Ranssaleer Young and Julia W. Green Young. He was married to Roxanna Ruth Lockwood Young, and they had the following children: William E. Young, Arthur Edgar Young, Dora Hall Young Parker, and Charley H. Young, who died as a baby.

Family links:
Julia Warren Green Young (1808 - 1890)

Charley H. Young (1865 - 1865)*
Arthur Edgar Young (1871 - 1945)*

Roxana Ruth Lockwood Young (1839 - 1932)*

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Glenwood Cemetery
Blue Earth County
Minnesota, USA

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Young, Delos Palmer (I3664)
86 1885 Osage, Miami, Kansas Census Grace is 18 and a teacher

1910 Census for Filer Idaho
W E Patrick 51
Grace Patrick 42
Mildred Patrick 18
Agnes Patrick 16
Alberta Patrick 12
Florence Patrick 10
Jennie Patrick 7
Effie Patrick
Hutchinson, Grace Greenwood (I3750)
87 1895 Haverhill, Olmsted, Minnesota
Booth, Elmer 30 Farmer
Booth, Elberta 23
Booth, Blanche 2

1900 Census Rochester, Olmsted, Minnesota
Elmer Booth 35 Real estate agent
Elberta Booth 27
Blanche Booth 7
Lillian Booth 3
Oliva Booth 1

1910 Census Eugene, Lane, Oregon
Name Age
Elmer N Booth 42 real estate agent
Elberta A Booth 36
Blanche A Booth 17
Lillian M Booth 13
Olive L Booth 11
Florence H Booth 10

1920 Jan 10 1920 he is a yardman in a cotton mill in Claremont Twp, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Elmer Booth 53
Elberta Booth 47
Florence Booth 19 
Booth, Elmer Napolian (I3461)
88 1900 Census for Ledyard, Kossuth, Iowa
William E Patrick 42
Grace Patrick 32
Jean Patrick 13
Kittie Patrick 11
Mildred Patrick 9
Agnes Patrick 7
Nellie Patrick 4
Alberta Patrick 2
Florence Patrick 1

1910 Census for Filer Idaho
W E Patrick 51
Grace Patrick 42
Mildred Patrick 18
Agnes Patrick 16
Alberta Patrick 12
Florence Patrick 10
Jennie Patrick 7
Effie Patrick 5
1920 Census for Jerome Idaho
Name Age
William E Patrick 61
Grace G Patrick 51
Florence M Patrick 21
Jenna Patrick 16
Effie L Patrick 14


1930 Census in Jerome Idaho
Elbert Rice 36
Alberta Rice 33
Beverley Rice 9
Elbert F Rice 6
Donald Jean Rice 3 11/12
Phylis Jane Rice 1 2/12
Wm E Patrick 71 
Patrick, William Edgar Sr (I3748)
89 1900 census, Buchanan Co., Washington Twp., John K. and Mary Johnson have one of their grandsons, "R. S. Lee, Jr." born July 1882, living with them. Lee, Roger Samuel Jr. (I4051)
90 1906 Historical Encyclopedia Of Illinois & History of Morgan County IL Part 3, pg 925

RICE, Albert Clark, a prominent and successful farmer and stock-raiser in the vicinity of Jacksonville, Morgan County, Ill., was born in Scott County, Ill., January 3, 1853, the son of Elbert Gallatin and Mary Ann (Camp) Rice, his father being born August 6, 1823, in Columbia, Tenn. His grandfather, Ebenezer Rice, of Worcester County, Mass., migrated to North Carolina, where he married Katy Baldridge, and then removed to Tennessee, thence, in 1832, removing with his family to Illinois and settling in the southwestern part of Morgan (now in Scott) County. He located near Riggston, where he bought a land claim, and lived until his family were all matured, but finally moved to Cass County, where he died. He was a member of the Christian Church, and, on account of his industry, uprightness and piety, was beloved by a large circle of friends.

The early life of the father was passed on the farm near Riggston, where he remained until his marriage in 1847. Afterward he lived near Princeton, Cass County, for sixteen years, and from 1868 to 1892, his home farm-which was purchased from Ralph Reynolds-was on "The Mound" west of Jacksonville, where W. S. Rice now lives. A few months before his death he moved to Jacksonville. Early in the 'fifties he began preaching in the Christian Church, ministering in Morgan, Scott, Cass and Menard Counties. He preached regularly in Exeter, Concord Church, near Woodson, Sweetwater (Menard County), at Antioch, Princeton and Philadelphia (Cass County), but continued to live on his farm. Beginning with little he left a large estate to his family, acquired by industry, frugality, good judgment and honesty. His salary as a preacher was devoted entirely to mission work.

During the period of the Civil War., E. G. Rice was thoroughly loyal to the Union, and was anxious to volunteer for the service; but, as he had a family of ten children, his neighbors persuaded him to remain at home and attend to his domestic interests. He had an extensive acquaintance, was widely esteemed, preached many funeral sermons and performed many marriage ceremonies for miles around. In early life he was an active Republican, but later became a Prohibitionist, and was a candidate for several offices on the ticket of that party.

The wife of E. G. Rice was formerly Mary Ann Camp, a member of a very prominent family in Scott County. She was the daughter of George and Nancy (Felton) Camp, her father being a native of Massachusetts and her mother, of Vermont. The family journeyed from Vermont to Pittsburg in an ox-cart and thence to Shawneetown, Ill., on a flatboat, continuing the journey by the former conveyance to Riggston. The father entered Government land, and about the year 1834 built the first large frame house in Scott County. He was a (er) and merchant, and conducted a carding mill operated by ox-tread power. He was a prominent Mason and very active in that order. The children of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Rice were as follows: Sarah E., wife of James H. Campbell; Nannie C., wife of George W. Rawlings; Albert C.; Walter S.; William P., of Harrisonville, Mo.; Mary J., wife of Charles O. Culver, of Fort Collins, Colo.; Laura F., who died at the age of two years; Georgia A. (deceased), wife of Frederick H. Rankin, of Athens, Ill.; John C., of Caldwell, Idaho; Emma F., wife of George Vickery, of Jacksonville; and Eva M., wife of Marcus A. Hulett, of Morgan County. The father died February 12, 1892, and the mother passed away September 8, 1902.

Albert C. Rice attended the public schools, and was graduated from Illinois College in 1874. He then taught school, farming meanwhile, for ten years, and has always been deeply interested in the public schools. In 1879 he located on his present farm, where he has since been engaged in general farming, and in raising and feeding stock. For many years he has been active in Farmers' Institute work. For three years he was President and also served as Secretary and Treasurer of the Morgan County Farmers' Institute; and his fine farm shows evidence of progressive ideas in its improvements and management.

Mr. Rice was married October 23, 1879, to Minnie Joy, a daughter of Lyman F. Joy, of this county. Two children have resulted from this union, namely: Harry, who is a student at Eureka College, and Florence, studying in the Illinois Woman's College. Albert C. Rice is a strong Republican, but is public spirited and enthusiastic to support whatever he thinks is for the good of the community. He is a member of the Antioch Christian Church, and has been Superintendent of the Sunday-school for eighteen years. During this time he has also been actively engaged in the work of the Morgan County Sunday School Association.

The careers of the members of the Rice family, as shown in this review, are so conspicuously worthy as to need no words of praise. The lives herein protrayed speak for themselves. 
Rice, Elbert Gallatin (I3433)
91 1910 Federal Censes St. Joseph District 67, Buchanan, Missouri

Bigham, Robert N. head
Virginia wife
Minnie O. daughter
Cornelius, Maggie daughter
Cornelius, Lessie E. granddaughter 
Cornelius, Unknown (I2795)
92 1920 Federal Censes McAllen, Hidalgo, Texas District 75

Allen, Joseph A. head
Minnie Ola wife

1930 Federal Censes Mcallen, Hidalgo, Texas District 29

Allen, Joseph A. head
Ola wife
Robert E. son
Bigham,Virginia mother in law 
Bigham, Minnie Ola (I1622)
93 1920 Federal Censes McAllen, Hidalgo, Texas District 75

Allen, Joseph A. head
Minnie Ola wife

1930 Federal Censes Mcallen, Hidalgo, Texas District 29

Allen, Joseph A. head
Ola wife
Robert E. son
Bigham,Virginia mother in law 
Allen, Joseph A (I2797)
94 1940 census in Portland, he states his occupation is Apartment House Management Hathaway, Farris Merrick (I445)
95 1st of Erracht. Tutor to his grand-nephew, Allan MacDonald Dubh. From Ewen are descended the Camerons of Erracht, known as 'Sliochd Eoghainn mhic Eoghainn'. Assassinated while attending a clan gathering at Inverlochy Castle, because he claimed the chieftainship. Was slain before 1572, according to the McIntosh Memoirs p.33 Cameron, Ewan (Of Erracht) (I829)
96 28th Illinois Infantry  Hack, Americus Greene (I452)
97 2nd of Erracht. Murderer of Donald Dubh, XV Chief, in 1569. Executed at Dunstaffnage (?) 1585. Cameron, John (Of Clunes) (I831)
98 4th of Clunes. "Old Clunes of the '45".

Donald was the first land-holder in Lochaber to carry out evictions on his estates.

Donald sheltered Prince Charles at Clunes after Culloden, and was one of the faithful band who stayed with the Prince when he went to France after Culloden. 
Cameron, Donald (Of Clunes) (I1042)
99 539-46-0397

They were stern people, they didn't seem to have much fun.

Came out on a train to Montana before she got married and then went to Washington. SHe came on the same train as Walter.

Was in her 90s when she died 
Moody, Nora (I2805)
100 540-22-0808 Young, William Nelson Jr (I3458)

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