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Capt. John Baldridge

Male 1754 - 1823  (69 years)

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  • Name Capt. John Baldridge 
    Prefix Capt. 
    Born 28 Sep 1754  Lancaster, PA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Died 17 Oct 1823  Maury, TN Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Father Alexander Baldridge,   b. 5 Oct 1717, Coleraine, Ireland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 12 Mar 1805, Lincoln, NC Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 87 years) 
    Mother Jane Ramsey,   b. 8 Oct 1730,   d. 6 Dec 1800, Lincoln, NC Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 70 years) 
    Married Abt 1752  Lancaster, PA Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family Isabella Luckey,   b. 27 Feb 1761, Lancaster, PA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 29 Apr 1848, Maury, TN Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 87 years) 
    Married 21 Aug 1780  Iredell, NC Find all individuals with events at this location 
    +1. Catherine "Catsy" Baldridge,   b. 12 Jun 1790, Davidson County, Tennessee Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Mar 17 1888, Saratoga, Santa Clara, California, USA Find all individuals with events at this location
     2. Alexander Baldridge,   b. 25 Jul 1792, Davidson County, Tennessee Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Between 1793 and 1882  (Age 0 years)
     3. Isabella Baldridge,   b. 21 Aug 1795,   d. Between 1796 and 1889  (Age 0 years)
     4. Rebecca E Baldridge,   b. 13 Jan 1798, Tennessee Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Between 1799 and 1892  (Age 0 years)
     5. John Baldridge,   b. 20 Feb 1800, Tennessee Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 21 Feb 1885, Bloomfield, Iowa Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 85 years)
     6. Margaret A Baldridge,   b. 11 Mar 1802, Davidson County, Tennessee Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     7. Elizabeth E Baldridge,   b. 5 Jun 1804, Davidson, Maury County, Tennessee Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     8. William Davidson Baldridge,   b. 1 Jan 1807, Davidson County, Tennessee Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
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    • Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements
      Pension application of John Baldridge W5789 Isabella fn48NC
      Transcribed by Will Graves
      State of Tennessee, Maury County
      On this 29th day of April 1843, personally appeared before me James G. Harris an acting Justice of the peace in & for the County of Marty aforesaid Isabella Baldridge a Citizen of the County of Maury & State of Tennessee aged 82 years who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her
      oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the several acts of Congress passed the different periods granting pensions to certain widows & relics of deceased Officers & Soldiers of the war of the revolution. That she is the widow & relic of Captain John Baldridge deceased, who was a Captain duly Commissioned of a Volunteer or Militia Company, she cannot be positive which, but her
      best impression is it was a Volunteer Company that he served under Generals Rutherford, Davidson & Pulaski, Colonel Barbor [sic, Barber] & Major Carruth, and many of our officers whose names she cannot now recollect. Affiant cannot state the precise days, months or all the years when her said husband entered the service or the time he left it, but she will here state to the Honorable Secretary of War or Commissioner of Pensions that in giving a detailed statement of the services of her said husband she relies mainly upon the statements made to her by her said husband during the old War & since to the day of his death, his statements were uniformly the same in substance: some parts of his services
      she knows of her on knowledge, and those she received from him & his compatriots she believes to be true. That Captain John Baldridge and this affiant were married on the 21st day of August 1780 in Iredell County North Carolina by the Reverend Mr. McCall a Presbyterian Clergyman. That at the time of their marriage her husband was the Captain of a Volunteer Company of Riflemen, and in three days after the marriage he left Lincoln County at the head of his Company and served out what was called a six months tour, that he often told her that he had served one tour of nine & one of five months in actual service previous to their marriage, that in 1780, 1781, 1782 & until sometime in the year 1783 he was more than one half of the three years absent at the Camps and Captain of a Company. He was in the following battles at Ramsour's near Lincoln Court House against the Tories, General Rutherford's Brigade. The battle at Mrs. Torne's [sic, Torrent's Tavern] in Iredell County in North Carolina, at Purysburg in South Carolina she thinks under General Pulaski of that however she is not positive he
      was in the Battle at Cowans & Beatties Ford in North Carolina under General Davidson, who was killed in the engagement and the American Army was forced to retreat; Affiant's husband came to where she was after the retreat and procured horses and carried her off into a more remote & less dangerous portion of North Carolina and left for his Company & post in the Army, and he was so closely pursued by Cornwallis that she once in the flight had a full view of the British Army. That the British took their wagon, horses and all their plunder, they afterwards recovered the wagon, but nothing else: and she saw too the unfortunate Davidson after he was killed & her husband called one of her sons William Davidson Baldridge after him, he often spoke of being in numerous scrimmages battles with small parties of Tories and other important services he rendered his Country in the War that gave his Country permanent independence. He spoke often of being present when Newton & Jasper brought
      into the Camps a Mrs. Jones & her child, of being present when General Marion was giving Young Gwynne presents, a horse, saddle & bridle &c of giving presents to a small boy for informing him of a contemplated attack on him. She thinks her husband was never under the command of Marion but
      often in his Company during the War and in some engagements when he was present and his gallant soldiers and of his daring acts of generalship & bravery. There were a great many Tories in Lincoln County North Carolina and in the adjacent Counties and her husband & his Company was always said to be particularly expert in capturing & punishing them. He often marched into South Carolina, and was at almost every battle in North Carolina, during the seven-years war. She has often heard him say he did not miss a whole year during the War of being in the Service more or less. He was in actual service to her on knowledge more than two years after she moved to Lincoln County North Carolina before & after their marriage & after she became acquainted with him, he was a Captain when she first knew him & continued a Captain to the end of the War. She has often seen and read his Commission of aptain and his numerous discharges his Superior Officers after their marriage, until they were destroyed by fire, their house having been accidentally burned down & all his valuable papers burned with it. He the said John Baldridge was a Citizen of Lincoln County North Carolina during the War
      until 1797, and he always entered in the public service of that County. She does not remember that her said husband was ever drafted, but she thinks his services were always voluntary. She has given a mere outline of the many important services rendered his Country by her husband she cannot now recollect the one half ? but she hopes this will enable the Honorable Secretary of War & Pension Commissioner
      to investigate her right or claim on the Government for a pension equal to the full pay of a Captain in the War of the revolution. Affiant was born in Lancaster County Pennsylvania according to the family record February 27, 1761 ? her said husband Captain John Baldridge was born September 28, 1754, that they were married in Iredell County North Carolina August 21, 1780, and lived in Lincoln County
      North Carolina until 1797. They be moved & settled in Davidson County Tennessee in 1798, and settled the farm which he now lives in 1813. That she has torn from the old family Bible the family register containing the dates of the births of affiant & her said husband, of their marriage, the births of their numerous offspring & deaths, most of them in the handwriting of her said deceased husband, it is a highly valuable family treasure & she respectfully requests that it be returned to her after the final decision of her claim is made. Her said husband was more than five years a Captain of Company during the War of the Revolution but not all the while in actual service, but his Country never demanded his services when it was not readily given, he was one of the very best of husbands, a pious Christian, and she has often heard the old soldiers who were with him during the War say he was one of the very best Whigs of the day & a brave & skillful officer & soldier & rendered his Country very
      many important services affiant with her on hands worked to cloth & feed soldiers and ceased not to pray for the success of the American Armies. She was then & is now a member of the Presbyterian Church. She further states that her husband never received any land or pension for his services. That said John Baldridge died on the 17th day of October 1823 in the house where affiant now lives, and she has never intermarried with any other person since his death, and is pretty certain she never will.
      Affiant begs leave to respectfully inform the Honorable Secretary of War & Pension Commissioner that her said husband was an industrious & frugal man & secured a decent living for himself & family after his death, they had a large family of children, who all very proud of the memory of their beloved father, and insisted that my becoming a pensioner would be derogatory to his memory & to their standing in society and persuaded me that I could comfortably live without it, which is her excuse or reason for not applying sooner: the persuasion of her children. Affiant is now very old and infirm and she is induced
      to ask for the liberal bounty that a generous Country considered her husband and her justly entitled to; she has heretofore enjoyed unusually good health, and has been fully able to support herself by her manual labor which she has always willingly done: but now she has become less able & she humbly prays that she may be entered on the pension agency at Nashville, Tennessee at such rates as her claim
      entitles her. She is compelled by bodily infirmity and old age to make this declaration before a Justice of the peace out of Court, she being unable in person to appear in open Court to do so. She respectfully refers the Honorable Secretary of War & Pension Commissioner to the subjoined affidavits, & certificates as the best evidence in her power to make, she knows of no others by whom she could prove any other important facts in her favor. She therefore in tender consideration of the premises prays to be placed on the pension list, and to be allowed a warrant for land and money as her claim in law entitles her. She hereby relinquishes all other claims but the present and as in duty bound she will ever pray &c. She has no documentary evidence of the services of her said husband.
      Sworn to & subscribed before me this 29th day of April 1843.
      S/ Isabella Baldridge
      S/ James G. Harris, JP

      [On May 1, 1843, Duncan Brown, 71, James Hanna, 74, and William S. Henderson, 65, all of Maury
      County gave a supporting affidavit as to the married status of John and Isabella Baldridge.]
      [On May 1, 1843, William Davidson Baldridge, 36, and Isabella Baldridge, Jr., 47, gave an affidavit in
      support of their mother's application.]
      [On May 1st, 1843, Alexander Baldridge, Sr., 76, a resident of Giles County, Tennessee, Gave an affidavit in support of the application of Isabella Baldridge for a Widow's pension, stating that he is the younger brother of Captain John Baldridge; and he states what he can recall of his brother's services in the revolution, he states that he was aware of the marriage of John Baldridge to Isabella Luckey, the applicant; in addition to the actions mentioned by Isabella in her application, he states that his brother
      was in the Battle of Briar Creek and the Battle at Punenburgh [sic, Purysburg, sic, battle of Stono Ferry?]]
      Bible record of veteran's children:
      Nancy Price born April 23, 1782
      James L. born July 10, 1786
      Jean Henderson born May 30, 1788
      Catsey Rice born July 12, 1790
      Alexander born July 25, 1792
      Isabella born August 21, 1795
      Rebecca E. King born January 13, 1798
      John born February 20, 1800
      Margret Black born March 4, 1802
      Elizabeth E. Kenady born June 5, 1804
      William Davidson born January 1, 1807
      Mariah D. born November 15, 1811
      Isabella Frances Baldridge born November 11, 1834
      John James Baldridge born March 1, 1836
      Alexander Warren Baldridge born July 28, 1837
      Eugenia Adelaide Baldridge born November 7, 1838, died November 22, 1839
      William Henry Harrison born December 20, 1840
      Samuel Davis Bal (?) born September 13, 1842, died September 31, 1842
      William D. Baldridge married, November 26, 1833, Mariana
      [facts in file: Alexander Baldridge, brother of Captain John Baldridge, was born June 13, 1766.]
    • John Baldridge, b. 28 Sept 1754 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, D. 17 October 1823 in Maury County, Tennessee married Isabel Luckey 21 Aug, 1780 in Iredell North Carolina, she is the daughter of James & Sarah Luckey. Isabella was b. 27 Feb 1761 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and D. 29 Apr 1848 in Maury County, Tennessee. John & Isabella lived in Lincoln County, North Carolina until 1797, then in Davidson County, Tennessee until ca 1813, then they lived in Maury County, Tennessee until their deaths, where they are buried in Haynes Cemetery. John Baldridge was a Capt. in the Revolutionary War, her served three terms.

      They (Isabella & John) had 11 children, Caty Baldridge was their 4th child. Caty was b. 12 Jul 1790 in Lincoln, NC, she Died March 1888 in Saratoga, Santa Clara, California. She married Ebenezer Rice, 29 Jan 1809 in Williamson, Tennessee. (He is the son of Ebenezer Rice & Sarah Tayntor. (he was b. 12 March 1756 in Shrewsbury, Mass, & she is b. unknown year in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut)

      Isabella's Husband, Ebenezer, died 11 March 1855 in Jacksonville, Scott, Illinois. Some say they had 9 children, but I only know of Mary A. Rice, Ebenezer V. Rice, Joseph T. Rice and Nancy Rice.