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Christmas when Gib was a boy

Christmases were trees taken from the local area, where ever you could find it.  And put up right before Christmas.  The best thing you could get was the orange in the toe of your sock.

One year Gib, Jeanne and Teak stole a tree from Main street.  They drove up and down Main street to find the very best one. They drove up close to a tree decorating the sides of the Street and Teak pulled up a tree and set it on the running board of the car and off they went.  They took it to Irene, who decorated it.  After she had completely decorated it, they told her how they procured it.  She was furious, but there was nothing to do about it by that time.
Added by john Ramage in 2014: 
I don't have much to add to the story. That's pretty much how I recall it being told, annually, over the holiday cribbage board with Gib and Orie's wooden matchsticks marking the game's progress. I believe in some versions Dick Whitman was also involved;, and I seem to recall some sort of competition with one of the Halter boys for the best tree on Front Street some jockeying for position and horn honking. In my teenage years I heard for the first time that alcohol may have been involved in the adventure. The most implausible aspect of the tale for me was always Irene's reaction. I can recall her being occasionally exasperated, usually with Orie, sometimes annoyed, but "furious"?--nah.
footnote to the story: we continued to get oranges or tangerines in the toes of our stockings every year until we left the farm. Just once I would like to have gotten a Snickers Bar.  

Gib always looked forward to the gift from Aunt Bessie.  Uncle Walter's wife, who had rhuematoid Arthritis would order toys from a catalogue.  Those would come in the mail each year.

Gib says the family was never very close.

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